The everyday work of our professionals

Roger: "Customers trust us because they know we always respond when they need us"

Roger has been working in the Logistic department of Provetsa for 4 years now, along with Albert Comas and Jordi Pujol. "Planning, monitoring and efficiency are the key to our work", he says.
Every day he arrives at Provetsa at eight in the morning, and is responsible for the daily delivery of feed, milk and medicines already ordered by customers around the Catalan geographic area. The route depends on a daily basis of orders and customer needs. "I always leave orders ready to be loaded & delivered so when I come in the morning, all I have to do is start the delivery. However, if any unexpected or emergency comes up, it becomes the priority", he explains. "Then the route is modified so as to cover the urgency; after that we retake the initial route. Never is any customer left unattended".

Vaccines are the most fragile biological products that Roger transports. During the journey "we are so careful not to break the cold chain of these products. Therefore, we do transport them by using the maximum security to ensure quality and efficiency", he says.

Roger admits "although I am not good at people-talking, I love to visit the clients and see they are happy with the work we do. Besides, we are lucky that customers trust us and let us do, basically they know we always respond when they need us".