Veterinarian technician Eugeni Fuertes retires

After 23 years working for Provetsa's veterinarian technical service, advising clients on animal nutrition, health and welfare in the regions of Tarragona and Lleida, and in the provinces of Valencia and Castellón, Eugeni Fuertes begins a new phase in his life. "I have always done work I enjoyed, I have been very lucky. Now I begin a new stage in my life. I hope to spend my retirement with my family, travelling and enjoying life", he says, smiling.

With over 30 years behind him in the agro-livestock sector, Fuertes knows it's the end of an important phase and says that "working with Provetsa was a fantastic experience. It was a period that formed part of the best years of my life and one which I will never forget". He adds, "I have the same mobile number as always. Clients know that they can call me and I will help them with whatever they need. I am still connected!".

In September the entire Provetsa team organised a dinner to thank Eugeni for all his years of dedication to the company. During the meal he was presented with a commemorative plaque in recognition of his work.

Many thanks, Eugeni!