Provetsa will attend the first fertilization symposium and manure management

The event will be held in Vic, on the 17th and 18th of December

Provetsa will attend in the next 17th and 18th of December, on the first international symposium on fertilization and livestock manure management, promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, which will be held in “ El Sucre “ building in Vic; aiming to get round to the problems affecting many farmers and indirectly, the entire sector.

This last June six livestock of waste treatment plants were closed in Catalonia; due to estate income cutes on electricity production facilities based on renewable energy, cogeneration and waste , which generated a problematic situation that the sector needs to solve.

The symposium is willing to create a debate and give answers to farmers and all sector so they can learn about the current successful treatment systems in other countries, and then have them applied onto their specific cases. Basic key aspects will be covered, such as the management of nitrates in the European Union, the management of pigs feeding, environment and expenditure, or the progress and problematic issues related to the management of nitrates in Catalonia