Genefarm organizes a day of training on mineral nutrition

Last March, Genefarm, along with the pioneering company in mineral nutrition research and development, Zinpro Performance Minerals, organized the Seventh “Feet First” Seminar in Spain. This day was held at the Masia Vilasendra estate in Oristà and was attended by approximately 70 businesspeople, livestock farmers, veterinarians, salespeople and other professionals in the sector.
Paco Fernández, of Zinpro Corporation, welcomed those attending before giving the floor to Joan Rocadembosch, from SIP Consultants. He gave a conference titled “Where to Reduce Production Costs.” Rocadembosch has a Master’s degree in Pork Health and Production from the University of Lleida, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the University of Zaragoza. Immediately thereafter, Dr. Jerry Torrison, from the University of Minnesota, explained the “Impacts of Stress on Intestinal Health: Mechanisms and prevention.”
The participants also learned about “Intestinal Mucus Membrane Immunity: Not forgetting that it is much more than just an intestine,” a presentation given by a professor from South Dakota State University in the United States, Christopher Chase. Before lunch, Dr. Mark Wilson, of Zinpro Corporation, discussed “Which Minerals Protect the Intestinal Tract and What Is Their Role in Inflammatory Reactions.”
Genefarm is thereby committed to training and increasing awareness to achieve improvement in the sector, offering seminars like this to its clients.