Hipra is presenting a fusion of vaccines to Provetsa’s customers

On September 17, a seminar day was held to present the fusion of Eryseng Parvo and Unistrain Prrs vaccines by the Catalonian multinational Hipra. The seminar was held in an innovative format in which the opinions of four speakers with different viewpoints on the sector were given: Enric Marco, international consultant and founder of Marco Vetgrup; Joaquim Segalés, director of the CRESA research center and a professor at the UAB; Sergi Armengol, a partner of Sergal Gestió Ramadera and a pork producer specializing in genetics, and Pere Riera, of Hipra’s technical services.
Throughout the day, in which approximately one hundred people participated, there was discussion over the future of pork production and the advancements and changes which each of the participants foresees from now until 2030. In addition to other topics, it was discussed that there will be a significant decrease in the availability of antibiotics to deal with diseases in the upcoming years and that we must remain one step ahead of them through improvements in handling and prevention. Everyone agreed that those antibiotics which are of vital importance due to their use in humans will cease to be available for veterinary use within a somewhat short timeframe. The genetic potential of reproducing sows was also discussed, stating that we do not yet know the limits of the importance of per-animal output versus the number of piglets per sow.
As for the future of production, there was also agreement that we cannot remain competitive in terms of price at the European level compared with counties like Brazil, the United States or Canada but that, on the contrary, we enjoy better quality perception by importing countries like Russia and Japan. In the upcoming years, to maintain this perception of higher quality of the pork produced in Europe, we must continue to move forward with advancements in animal welfare, a decrease in the use of antibiotics and the eradication of diseases such as salmonella. 
To round off the debate, a brief presentation was given on the Eryseng Parvo and Unistrain Prrs vaccines, whose main innovation is that they can be administered jointly, thereby reducing the number of injections given to animals, improving their welfare while decreasing work for farmers.