Provetsa's overalls are already here

As usual Provetsa offers its customers comfortable and strong working clothing, so we are all able to develop our job in a more comfortable and elegant way.

The new overalls come in four different sizes: S, M, L and XL. Compared to the last year model the black stripe from the back has been lowered in order to avoid the heat in summertime. The area of the knees has also been further protected.

The new clothing is already available at cost price –36 euros per unit. Small sizes for children are also at your disposal.

Should you send us a picture in one of ours overalls; you would get it for free. There is one condition, though: your cattle must appear in the picture. Pictures taken inside the house will not be valid.

Promotion valid for the first 100 pictures received!

The best photos will be published on Provetsa's web page.