"Som pastor" reflects on the work of the farmer

Miquel is 11 years old and he lives on the outskirts of the small town of Santa Eugènia (Mallorca). Every morning, before he goes to school, he takes care of his animals. Miquel is a real little local hero with a sharp awareness and who speaks of the importance of knowing about the food we eat and how it ends up at our kitchen table. He relishes his time as a child and will become the engaged adult that he has dreamt of being.
He is the protagonist in producer Borja Zausen's short fiIm, “Som pastor” (We Are Shepherds). The child reflects on the farmer's job saying, "this very work already teaches what you have to do", and he is aware of difficulty of dedicating oneself to it.
The short film puts an emphasis the farmer's admiration towards the animals, “you have to respect them, you have to be there for them every day”, says the young peasant farmer. Miquel is aware of and he even emphasises the need to slaughter an animal so it can be eaten, but the responsibility this job entails also means that, “whenever you eat an animal, it had to be killed. If you throw away meat, that's just killing for killing's sake, it doesn't make sense”, he says.
We recommend you watch this video, which is less than 8 minutes long.