More than 57.000 owners of Catalan farms can start using the “Declaració Única Agrària 2017” from this month onwards

From this February onward to May 2nd, more than 57.000 owners of Catalan farms will be entitled to start using the Declaració Única Agrària 2017 (DUN), the annual statement which includes farm operation data and allows the farmers to apply for several grants, such as basic payments, grants associated with agricultural and livestock and any economic help related to Export Operations Contract (CGE). The collection of direct or members subsidies, as well as the assistance from the Rural Development Programs managed by the DUN, represents a contribution of more than 365M for the Catalan food industry and forestry, between the country funds and EU. The DUN also allows applying for – exceptional – milk production aids, soon to be published, and aims to support dairy farms as a consequence of the significant imbalance in the market together with the drop of prices affecting the market considerably. In addition, the DUN holders can also communicate the sale of local food produce, allowing them to join the system.