A scandal of adulterated meat put on the ropes the Brazil government

A few days ago we received news that shocked the public opinion and the private sector of the meat industry. Thirty Brazilian meat companies are being investigated for fraud, allegedly, in insecurity adulterated meat intended both local and export consumption. Three plants were closed down. And out of the 4,000 in the country, there are 21 under suspicion. The European Union and the United States have requested explanations as major importers of Brazilian beef they are. A police operation has uncovered a network that introduced expired or spoiled meat into the market. Chemicals were used to makeup the meat so that they had better look, other unsuitable additives were also used and even falsified expiry dates. Explains Mauricio Moscardi, Federal Police in this investigation, "sometimes they used carcinogenic products to hide the ugly aspect or stink of the rotten products, or even to disguise its deterioration." The police have arrested the managers of the two largest companies in the sector, which are also among the largest worldwide exporters. Bear in mind that Brazil is a major world exporter in the meat sector, the most important in beef and chicken and fourth in pork. Consequently, the President of Brazil Michel Temer, met urgently with around 20 ambassadors of 150 countries of meat importers. This concern would be unlikely to happened in Spain, due to controls on the traceability of its products; a tool for exploring the elements involved in producing a product (raw materials, additives, packaging, etc. ) and all the phases through which it passes (collectors, producers, processors, distributors, etc.).