Provetsa presents strategy to reduce the use of antibiotics in Colombia

Provetsa CEO, Mr. Jordi Font, was a guest at the Congress of Cargill in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, who explained the strategy the company has recently been following so as to reduce dependence on antibiotics used in animal production. In his speech, he explained the progress that has been carried out in additive antibiotics, either through the feed or through the water, that let the removal of most of the antibiotics used. Among these additives highlights Agrocid Super Complet that when used through water, modifies that bacterium living in the sow or piglet intestine, hindering the survival of harmful bacteria such as E.Coli and substituting for others, which act symbiotically, have anti-inflammatory affects that help the animal be healthier and with greater growth. The conference was attended by around 300 farmers throughout Colombia, in which other feed additives were presented too; such as Bontestin, that when used through the feed and together with the Super Agrocid complete, opens a new way for production free of antibiotics.