Training conference to improve the productive efficiency

On 14th December 2012 PROVETSA’s veterinary team organized a training conference in El Serrat del Figaró (Taradell). The conference was aimed to the customers of the company concerning to the pig industry. Jordi Font –PROVETSA’s CEO– started the event welcoming all those present. He highlighted the importance of the livestock sector in the food chain. On the other hand, Mr. Font presented the new web of the company, and informed all customers that starting in January they would be able to place their orders and download online their Medications Record Book.

Following Mr. Font welcoming words, the veterinary Lali Coma started her intervention talking about “How to improve the production efficiency of our farms”. Her words focused mainly on the production, exportation, health and consumption of pork meat in Osona and in the rest of the world. Mrs. Coma ensured that Osona is one of the parts of the world where the pig industry mainly works with great professionalism and, besides, it has a very outstanding meat industry. She also pointed out that those who are working every day in the pig industry play a very important role. “Although we have the best genetics, health and nutrition of the world we will not get the best results if there are no motivated and well-trained people leading the process. That’s why human resources are so important to achieve our goals”, she added.

Afterwards, Cristina Cunill –marketing manager of Boehringer Laboratories– introduced Metacam. Metacam is an oral anti-inflammatory treatment which improves milk production and the welfare of the sows which have just gave birth.

The day ended with a delicious banquet offered by the famous chef Nandu Jubany.