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Gemma Comas: "The customer mustn't wait"

Gemma Comas is administrative officer and started working in Provetsa 22 years ago. You can find her at the reception desk dealing with customers as the customer service manager. She explains "the reception desk is the first impression a client receives from a company. That's why cordiality and kindness are so important. She adds that she loves her job and that "it comes naturally. Besides, I'm very lucky to deal with people who are so nice."

The opening hours of the company are from 9 am to 1 am and from 3 pm to 7 pm. Comas' job consists in answering all calls and transferring them to the appropriate departments in addition to administering the internal documentation of the company and handling all the orders and requests of the veterinary services. On the other hand, from the shop located inside Provetsa offices she is also in charge of selling all products and medicines for animals.

"At the reception desk we are always two persons–me and my workmate– so we can provide immediate and continued services. The customer mustn't wait. He always deserves an answer and a solution. He needs to know he is being assisted properly. My priority is his comfort and benefit", she stands out.

With more than 30 years in the livestock sector Provetsa has a great customers database full of customers who are truly loyal to the company. What shows this loyalty is that there are some them who have been trusting in all the services offered by the company for decades. She explains "I've met three different generations of customers. It's so gratifying to see how the young ones are now running their parents' and grandparents' companies while placing their trust in us. That means we do our job correctly."

The internal communication is fundamental in order that all the steps carried out in the reception could be correctly executed. "A good working environment and a great cooperation among workmates makes it possible. We are a good team. Most of us started working in Provetsa a long time ago we know each quite well. We get on very well and customers notice it", she comments.

Comas remarks that she was born surrounded by an agricultural environment and lived there for more than 20 years. "I clearly empathize with it", she ensures and considers that it is a very demanding sector lead by extremely courageous people. "Their benefits do not depend only on their own. True is there are many external factors that play an important role such us the weather. Particularly for this reason they are worth all my respect. I try to make things easier for them and develop my job with the most professionalism as possible", she notes.