Livelle, new nutrition program for breeding sows3

Last year we informed about the Nutral SCA acquisition - a factory specialized in animal nutrition and feeding programs for piglets - by the multinational Cargill. The result of this merge comes Livelle, a new comprehensive program of nutrition for breeding sows and prolific.

As explained by Mario Rapún, head of the Department of Swine Nutral SCA, this program is designed to "improve the productivity of sows and their life expectancy, increase the number of weaning piglets per sow thank to the increasing number of animals born alive and their greater viability." It also takes into account the entire breeding cycle of the sow "and provides specific and innovative solutions in the breeding phase, sow pregnancy and suckling promoting a continuous cycle of improvement in production performance and, therefore, improving financial ratios of production," he adds.

If you would like to have more information or even to test the Livelle program, please contact Provetsa. In a few months time, an official presentation of this program will be offered to all customers.