We are a family business with over thirty years of experience in the livestock sector. Our goal is to supply those goods and services needed by the peasants and help them produce quality food. We also support the meat industry with active and positive attitudes and we are proud to be part of a gear that has one of the noblest tasks: producing healthy and affordable food for everyone.


Provetsa’s birth is the result of the world’s estimated Jordi Font Rifà peasantry who, since childhood, has been involved in the field. In 1975, Jordi Font starts livestocks products supply through "Jordi Font Rifà Productos Zoosanitarios" society, a company that, in 1983, was renamed Provetsa, a company that has grown over the years and as of today employs over twenty people including Jordi Font son, with thirty-two years, who takes generational change in company management.

Getting there

Coming of Vic, you take the road to Sant Hipòlit of Voltregà and, in the first roundabout before arriving at McDonalds, turn left. After three blocks you will find us.

Provetsa · C. Mataró, 1 · 08500 Vic (Barcelona) · T 93 886 04 33

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